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Why a Learning Science Hub?

The LSH is a collector of interdisciplinary research activities, of disclosure and service on digital
media and technologies effects about motivation, self determination and self-regulated learning
through the most recent research methodologies about neuroscience and psychology.



Learning Theories

Technology For Training

Self-Regulated Learning

Learning & Motivation

Learning & Neurosciences

Learning Analytics

Psycho-Social Well Being

Person-Centred Design

Innovation for Education

A.I. for Education

“Our purpose is to improve people's awareness on what are the most effective processes and tecniques involved in the learning path”


How We Operate

The interuniversity collaboration will develop not only about individual research activities, but it will involve a broader joint work.

About training and education, the involved Atheneum (Bari, Foggia, Napoli, Salerno) will elaborate common project, in order to participate to national and European call for projects, providing mutual assistance and advice in training and research, even with the participation of Professors to postgraduate training in the involved Atheneum;

in order to encourage and facilitate the mobility of Professors, PhD students and holders of research grants, the Atheneum will activate interuniversity programs, initiatives and agreements even with Italians and foreigners Atheneum not involved in LSH, with cultural, social and non-university research organizations and centres.

About the publication and dissemination of the results of common researches and projects, the Atheneum will organize seminars and conferences to promote scientific collaboration and exchange of experiences among researchers, PhD students and research grants holder; they will create scientific publications and organize presentations and discussions of volumes about the subject of common interest and they will provide wide diffusion to the scientific and training initiatives that will be realized or that they consider relevant with LSH objectives and of high scientific interest, in their own scientific community and the other ones they collaborate with.


Learning Science hub

Via Arpi 176, 71121 Foggia